Fluffy2 Programmer


Fluffy2 is a SX programmer for people who have already experimented with PIC chips, and want to try out the Scenix SX family. To build it, you will need a PIC16F84 (a 16C84 will probably also work, but I don't have any to test!). Note that this implies you should already have a working PIC programmer.

Fluffy2 Programmer is based on the Fluffy Programmer by Ben Stragnell, but it has some updated features:

IC-Prog only supports the serial interface, using 115200bps !! Also make sure that the VPP at the SX chip is 13v (!) because otherwise you'll have problems erasing (codeprotected) old parts!

Basically A0 and A1 control the SX OSC1 voltage level - both low implies 0V, A0 high (and A1 low) implies 5V, and A1 high (and A0 low) gives 13V. If you want to implement your own power supply circuit, it shouldn't be too hard.


icsxprog.hex This is the hex file to program the PIC with.


More detailed information you can find at Steven Willis's site

You can also have a look at the original Ben Stragnell's "The Fluffy Programmer" page